Bryn Clark, A14

Since arriving in Amsterdam in January, Bryn Clark, A14, has experienced a lot of ďI canít believe Iím really hereĒ moments: biking along the canal at twilight, the city skyline swathed in warm, twinkling lights; pausing to breathe in the centuries of history around her; and sitting in a class at the University of Amsterdam with Dutch, American, and other students who inspire her to speak up and share ideas.

ďThe most rewarding part of one of my classes, Experiencing Differences, is learning about how marginalized groups in society experience differences and how people cope in a specific setting. The foundation of the class is group discussion and the dialogue and ideas that each student brings to the table are incredible.

ďIíve been really lucky to experience that similar classroom setting at Tufts; thatís definitely helped me propel into deeper academic conversation. Itís been wonderful to talk to the Dutch people Iíve met so far about what they think about other peopleís perspectives on the Netherlands or on America, and to think critically about the society Iím from. Iím really looking forward to having more of those discussions with Dutch friends that I make, and also to live here to the point where Iím no longer a visitor but a true part of Amsterdam.

ďThank you so much to the donors who give annually to support this experience; so much of my incredible college life couldnít happen without you thinking of Tufts year after year.Ē

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